kmby radio / television

Old Time Radio Shows
Friday & Saturday Nights at 10PM
Programs like Gunsmoke - Dragnet
The Lone Ranger and many more.
Friday Shows are replayed on Saturday.

The Vossenova Show
Friday Nights 7PM to 9PM
Host: Jim Vossen as Vossenova
World's Greatest & Without a Doubt
the Most Loveable DJ you'll ever meet
in your Whole Entire Life!

'Live' Call In Line: (831) 393-0645


Monday Morning Maze
Monday Mornings 7AM to 9AM
 Host: Jim Vossen
'Live' Call In Line: (831) 393-0645

7:30 I talk to my wife Mary Lou Vossen
7:45 Health Talk with Gina Renee Palady
Licensed Acupuncturist - Holistic Nutritionist
Author and Wellness Pioneer
8:00 Special Guest - When I have one
8:30 Local Celebrity Charmaigne Scott

Community Chit Chat
Saturdays & Wednesdays
​Mornings 9AM to 10AM
 Host: Jim Vossen
'Live' Call In Line: (831) 393-0645
Community Chit Chat is just that!