All About KMBY Radio & Television

KMBY Radio & Television is a brand new joint project between Jim Vossen, (Monterey Radio & Television), Gary Cocola, (Cocola Broadcasting), and the Seaside, Sand City, Del Rey Oaks and Monterey Chambers of Commerce.

The current plan is to produce and broadcast community based programs that would be available over the air at 19.4, on the Internet and available on a special app on your cell phone.

We are hoping to be up and running, partially, by 12/1/18 and the best part is that we will be broadcasting right out of the Chambers office at 505 Broadway, Seaside, California.

We will be using the facility to help promote members of the 'four' Chambers of Commerce. We will offer, for a very low price, extended promotions of our members.

We will be offering general advertising to the public  plus 1-hour, once-a-week block programing where you can have your own radio television program.

If any of this sounds interesting please contact Jim Vossen at (831) 236-5994 or send Jim an email to: